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Youtube channels for architecture students

canais youtube arquitetura
Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

A good architect/student knows that it is always necessary to seek for more knowledge each day, but the hectic routine and lack of free time can become a hindrance. It is with these people in mind that we have listed here the best YouTube channels for architects and students, each with one of their best videos for you to take a closer look.

30X40 Design Workshop

30X40 Design Workshop offers a range of architectural tutorials, useful for both newcomers to the university and those who just graduated. You can find design classes and tips for students and professionals, architectural essays and some architecture courses. This may be a light at the end of the tunnel during a white paper crisis!

Architectural Digest

Have you ever thought of getting to know your idol's house? Embark on Architecture Digest to see these fascinating homes. AD opens doors to a world of information on architecture and interior design, art and antiques, travel destinations and products.

Architecture is a good idea

This is a video blog presented by the Polish architecture historian Radosław Gajda, he looks at how contemporary building can reinterpret traditions and their iconography.

OU Graphics

OU Graphics will help you with your architecture representation and renderings. You will also find tips on how to improve your portfolio to give the best impression of your work.

Balkan Architect

Revit is taking place in the architecture industry, and to keep up with this, it’s important that you know how to use it properly. Balkan Architect provides video tutorials of Revit from beginning to advanced users, and also tips to get the most out of it.

Chicago Architecture Center

Chicago Architecture Center shares short stories of the most iconic buildings of Chicago, with historical photos and research, as well as interesting commentaries.


Are you interested in urban planning and the development of housing in big cities? The Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat organizes monthly interviews with renowned architects and conferences about innovative design and construction strategies.


Curbed is a mix of architecture, art, and travel. Everything architects love. Here you will find videos about architecture for residential technology, points of interest in cities, renovations, small houses, prefabricated houses, and real estate. Take the opportunity to see what Cheesecake has to do with Post Modernism!


This is for you who loves traveling with friends and talk about every single curiosity you know about that place. In Donotsettle, two young graduates from TU Delft experiment with architectural vlogging, showing around cities, exploring their environments and visiting architecture landmarks. Perfect to watch on your break! Cinema is also architecture, and there is no better way of exploring it than watching it!

How to Architect

This one is all about learning. Each video covers subjects about construction elements, architectural history, and iconic buildings.

Show It Better

Architectural representation and rendering have never been easier than watching a tutorial on YouTube. There are complete tips and tutorials to improve your skills. Explore your artistic side and get ready to become a master of representation!

What about you, do you know any other channel? Leave it in the comments, it may be useful for others!


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