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La Relación entre el Arte Urbano y el Patrimonio Industrial en Pelotas, RS, Brasil El paisaje transformado


Rita Patron, Larissa Patron Chaves, Fernando Sincero Junior

This work aims to analyze how the subject of urban art, found on the walls of abandoned industrial buildings, fallen or not, support to be hold. And how this relationship with the architectural heritage is being addressed with the preservation and restoration precepts used in Brazil, especially in the city of Pelotas, RS. The contemporary artistic interventions of graphite in the walls of big cities are not considered violations or vandalism by the population anymore. Graphite consolidated as an urban visual language and gained status of art. This art carries with it the capacity to endow the space with personality, meaning and identity, which goes beyond the merely decorative function. The spaces that have this kind of interventions have their nature modified and are seen and felt differently by people. Today, the investigations in Art and Architecture bring approaches, ways to accomplish, and promoting, inside and outside the academy, relations with the space and everyday life. The poetic productions aim at the study and exchange of information and works, developed with the purpose of reflecting, or even rethinking historical and traditional aspects, but also involving political and social contexts within the different localities. All this promote transformations in the production space, and different perceptions in the process that can be exemplified by urban art. When dealing with the industrial heritage being repainted by this art, the questions become to be regarding the meaning attributed to them. By being inserted into architecture, these images can make it possible to share narratives, often by reshaping buildings in a permanent stratigraphy of the city. It is necessary to work with the memories, the heritage, and the different cultural identities within the graphite itself, together with the discussion and dialogue about the city, for the city.

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