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Il Recupero della Memoria Attraverso la Ristrutturazione degli Edifici Industriali Abbandonati di Pelotas, Brasile

Colloqui.AT.e Torino 2019 | Itália

Rita Patron, Fernando Sincero Junior

The question of the memory of architecture, or a place, always exists, and from a collective memory, since all memories are constituted by a specific group through living in a certain place. In dealing with memory and architecture, the construction of the place is approached through existing and maintained relationships with citizens. Halbwachs (2004) refers to a sense of persuasion that is what, in a way, guarantees cohesion in the group. Candau (2011) refutes the notion that there is memory regardless of identity and considers it impossible to remember without forgetting. Taking this perspective when classifying the industrial heritage of the port of the city of Pelotas as social practices that are constituted of memories, it is important to emphasize the revitalization of its architecture, by giving it meaning and impelling a process of identification and registration, as it transforms them into support for memory.

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